51% in English

51% wants to get the financial majority share of the cultural sector in the hands of artists with an active practice. Across all sectors.

The goal is to get artists, with an active practice, to execute 51% of all paid functions in the cultural landscape. Based on the willingness of both the artists and the organizations that form the cultural landscape.

It is not so much a solution for the artists’ need to take up another job next to their own practice (to survive). It is creating the mindset that those ‘other jobs’ can be found in cultural institutions. Next to a general awareness that the cultural houses today have all been built on the artistic work from before. Consequently, to secure the future of the cultural houses, we all need artists to continue their artistic work. Opening up more opportunities for artists to make a living, while securing a voice from the inside is what 51% is all about.

Drop us a line, if you are interested to hear more: info@51procent.be